From the lab to the workplace

Cernova develops technology using world leading Neuroscience that quantifies human capital and organisational risk

Our flagship product, the Workforce Resilience Index is the corporate resilience benchmark that identifies your ability to execute by measuring that risk

We also partner with Insurers, Recruitment ecosystem firms, HR Tech companies and Corporate Health service providers to bring our technology to the market

Solutions for Employers

Solutions for Recruitment & Staffing

Solutions for Insurers

Solutions for EAPs

Solutions for Employers

For all Employers

A resilient organisation is one that can routinely deal with adversity and change without losing its shape – and stay that way.

So can you confidently answer:

  • Are your people resilient?

  • How would you know?

Its hard to have a resilient business if your workforce isn’t resilient.

Cernova’s Workforce Resilience Index is the benchmark that quantifies any gaps and potential workforce risk.

Solutions for Recruitment & Staffing

Are you in Recruitment & Staffing?

Our DNA is Recruitment and Staffing so we understand where the value is and where the gaps are.
As a result, you can now licence Cernova’s market leading IP via our open API, White label or OEM solutions:

For Recruitment, Staffing, Labor Hire firms

Recruitment – Cernova Pre- Employment Resilience Assessment
Recruit Resilient and see what your competitors cant to ensure that you have longevity in your placements

Staffing & Labor Hire – Workforce Resilience Assessments
Low resilience is a precursor to stress and stress causes reduced productivity or attrition
Measure your deployed workforce to ensure your client gets the best out of what you have delivered to them and gain an early warning system on workforce issues

For HR Tech – Recruitment Software, ATS, HRIS, WFM, Payroll firms

To gain a true 360 degree perspective of a workforce and its ability to execute, business needs to measure and monitor anything that will potentially inhibit that. Get a point of difference over your competitors with a data point that has real business consequence – employee, team and workforce resilience. Easily added as a data point via our open API.

For Employee Testing & Assessment firms

Is Resilience on your radar to test employees for – because its certainly on the radar for business. Cernova’s IP is easily integrated and a game changer as a data point that every employer wants visibility into

Employee Experience Management / Survey firms

A resilient business is staffed and run by Resilient employees – but you need to measure it to know where the gaps are. The one data point you don’t have in your platform is being able to assess Workforce Resilience which when added to your other data points is incredibly powerful in driving eNPS scores.

Talk to us about partnering now via our open API, White label or OEM solutions

Solutions for Insurers

Are you an Insurer or Broker

We can help you to quantify Workforce Resilience Risk

Workforce Resilience is underpinned by sound employee mental health and wellbeing and organisations are increasingly more aware of their dependence on a mentally healthy workforce.

But few have a scientific and repeatable way of measuring, monitoring and assessing human capital risk or collectively, their workforce resilience.

Cernova can help you to integrate workforce resilience measurement into your clients strategy to quantify mitigatable human capital risks, avoid business performance risk as well as any potential regulatory consequences.

Talk to us about workforce resilience quantification as part of your workforce risk management strategy

Solutions for EAPs & Corporate Health Providers

Are you an Employee Assistance Program or Corporate Health Provider

Preventive and proactive interventions are at the core of the general psychological wellbeing of employees and their immediate family members.

Early detection of issues that may adversely affect performance and wellbeing is paramount but this has been notoriously difficult to measure affordably and at scale – until now.

Cernova is able to provide repeatable scientific measures of workforce resilience that is visible by teams, roles and business functions to give you the visibility needed for early intervention.

This visibility also informs new programs that can deliver proactive benefit to your clients.

If you are an EAP or Corporate Health provider then its time to talk about how Cernova’s unique data points can add value and drive deeper and more measurable growth in your services.

Solutions for Education

Are you an Educational institution?

Then you care and want to know about the resilience of your Students and Staff


Faculty and Staff

An educational institutions collective resilience is derived from your most valuable resource – your staff.

When you have visibility of workforce resilience across your staff, then you have the insights you need to make a plan to maintain your strengths and boost the areas that you need to develop.

You cant manage what you cant measure and their resilience and wellbeing is a worthwhile target to measure.



The research is clear. Highly resilient students grow, learn and adapt better than those with low resilience.

Which is why developing resilience in a student’s is key to helping them live a fulfilled and healthy life.

Having a resilient student body also translates into institution wide performance which helps maintain funding levels, attractiveness and standing.

For Universities and Colleges where there are greater commercial imperatives, we provide an early warning system on resilience as a precursor to stress.

Why – because stress is the key marker for University student attrition and this data can provide you with the opportunity for the early intervention needed to ensure attrition is kept to a minimum.

Cernova can help you to gain the measurement and the visibility into both staff workforce resilience as well as for students.

Solutions for Sport

Are you a High Performance Sports Team?

The difference between winning and losing is often the 1%’s yet high performing teams all do one things consistently well – they handle pressure. They withstand the pressure of the little moments and the big moments week in and week out and how well we convert pressure into performance is called our resilience. And team resilience is the sum of the individual athletes resilience.

However athletes of all sorts face a wide range of emotional and physical stressors impacting their overall performance including injuries, performance slumps, organizational conflicts, career transitions, pressure to perform, and many more. These stressors can be detrimental towards the athlete’s mental health which can obviously impact individual and team performance.

This is why we measure and monitor team resilience for leading sports teams and organisations including the back office who’s value is intrinsic to the teams performance.

If you are a high performance sports team then reach out to us to discuss how Cernova can give you the winning 1% difference.